Triple Shaft Mixer

Product Information​

Triple Shaft Mixers are produced for very dense and special products consisting of 3 different mixer groups.

It has powerful motor and reducer groups. It is the type of machine preferred in the production of Mastic, Marble Adhesive, Polyester pastes, Auto pastes, Dense pastes, Construction chemicals, and Insulation products.

  • Suitable for PLC System/Automation

  • It consists of 3 independent shaft groups including High- Speed Dissolver, Vessel Scraper, Butterfly systems.

  • Machine type suitable for special products at very high centipoises.

  • Floor Type

  • Machine capacity 10 L to 2000 L

  • Engine powers between 37 to 110 kW

Optional Features​

ModelYAM3 – 500YAM3 – 1000YAM3 -1500YAM3 – 2000
Main Engine Power (kW)30-3755-7590-110110-132
Low Speed Engine Power (kW)4 kW5.5 kW7,5 kW11 kW
Helix Engine Power (kW)4 kW5.5 kW7,5 kW11 kW
Main Engine Rotation Speed (min-1)0-12500-11000-10000-1000
Low Speed Engine Rotation Speed (min-1)222222
Helix Engine Rotation Speed (min-1)200200200
Total Volume L500100015002000
Useable Volume L42585013001700