Product Information​

Basketmill is a new generation machine, which is preferred for the homogeneous crushing of medium and low viscosity products, and whose Sieve and Basket shaft system move independently of each other.

The filter and the cooler group are independent of each other.

 Both groups can be easily disassembled and assembled for cleaning.

  All parts can be easily disassembled and assembled simply.

  Detail cleaning can be done in a very short time.

  The filter area has a minimum of 3 times larger than the surface of conventional machines. The product permeates homogeneously very quickly.

 Basket Spacing can be designed as 0.3~0.8 mm.

 Bead sizes can be selected in the range of 0.8~1.6 mm in accordance with the basket spacing.

 Small size beads provide high-speed, quality crushing.

 The basket and mixer group are driven by two separate motors. Stepless speed adjustment is provided by the speed control system.

 Up/Down Movement System with an electro-hydraulic motor.

Plc Control System enables to work automatically and manually.

  In the PLC control system, the product and coolant inlet and outlet temperatures are displayed on the screen.

 Critical heat value can be entered 

  into the PLC system and ensures that the machine is shut down when it reaches the critical temperature.

 By entering the time value into the PLC system, the machine is programmed to run for the desired time.”

Optional Features​

Modal YBM – 1 YBM – 6 YBM – 12 YBM – 20 YBM – 27 YBM – 41 YBM – 60
Main Engine Power (kW) 1.1 kW 7.5 kW 15 kW 22 kW 30 – 37 kW 45 – 55 kW 55 – 75 kW
Auxiliary Engine (kW) 3 kW 5.5 kW 7.5 kW 12 kW 22 kW 30 kW
Rotation Speed (min-1) 1100-8500 Rpm 180-1200 Rpm 200-930 Rpm 200-850 Rpm 180-840 Rpm 160-800 Rpm 150-750 Rpm
Auxiliary Engine Rotation Speed(min-1) 500-1500 Rpm 400-1400 Rpm 250-950 Rpm 200-800 Rpm 200-700 Rpm 180-650 Rpm
Useable Volume (L) 6-10 50-200 200-400 300-1500 1500-2000 2000-5600 5600 –
Basket Volume (L) 0.3 L 5.5 L 12 L 20 L 27 L 41 L 60 L